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Farming roots run deep here at Rusted Plowshare. Our great grandparents were farmers. Both sides of our grandparents were farmers. Our parents were farmers. And together, we are pursuing another generation of farming. 

Our agriculture may look different, but it continues a legacy of both innovation and stewardship. Our great grandfather was featured by the University of Missouri as a Balanced Farmer. One of our grandfather’s was always the first to adopt new crops. Our other grandfather was the winner of the Conservation Farmer of the year twice in the 70’s. We have big shoes to fill. 

But, we are blessed with land that has been tended well. Our grandfather moved here in the 50’s and took care of the soil. He built terraces. He practiced conservation tillage. He grew corn and soy and managed to maintain carbon in the soil. Towards the end of his career (at the spry age of 86), he even decided to try cover crops in his rotation. Because of his stewardship, we still have soil to farm. Because of his presence, we have a beautiful place to live and raise kids and try something new. 

And he’s still along for the ride.

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