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October 22 Farm Tour Event

Learn about our farm and our practices.

We are excited to host an educational, relaxing and culinary event that will interest adults and families alike.  Our farm offers open space for kids to play and landscapes where each field has a story to tell. 
We will start at St. Clair Farmstead at 3 pm for a tour of their vegetable and flower production, followed by a tour of Rusted Plowshare's lamb, beef and chestnut operation at 3:45 pm.  Once we learn about the farms, we will plant chestnut trees, followed by a delicious dinner with local food, prepared by Above All Catering, at 6 pm.  
See the dinner menu to the left.  Adult dinner tickets are $40 and a child's ticket is $20 for ages 2-12.  

If you'd like to join us, please register here.

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