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Our Products

We are fully stocked with our lamb and beef cuts.  Visit our Square Site for a full menu, photos and approximate weights of each cut.  Please email us for orders at  



Snack sticks       $4 per stick (2 per package)

Ground beef      $8/lb

Organs               $7-11/lb

Roasts                $9/lb

Short ribs           $11/lb

Stew meat         $11/lb

Shank bone       $12/lb

Sirloin                 $14/lb

Flank & Hanger $15/lb

Brisket                $15/lb

Strip steak          $18/lb

Ribeye                $21/lb

T-bone                $21/lb

Porterhouse       $23/lb

Filet                    $28/lb


Ground lamb      $13/lb

Organs                $6-8/lb

Shanks                $16/lb

Kabob                 $18/lb

Steak                   $19/lb

Osso bucco        $20/lb

Leg/Shoulder     $20/lb

Neck                   $22/lb

Lamb chops       $26/lb

Spare ribs           $30/lb

Rack of lamb      $35/lb

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