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Rethink your food.
Regrow the land.

Swords into plowshares. Weapons of destruction into tools of peace. Plowshares? … Well, rust.  


The best visions of life rethink destructive systems and envision a world of wholeness. Whether it is raising healthy animals, growing healthy trees, or simply drinking our water, we at Rusted Plowshare have started rethinking our processes to help life spring up from our land. 


On our farm, we are currently transitioning to Regenerative Organic Agriculture, which means we don’t use chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, so you can trust our foods to be clean and healthy. It also means we try to have living roots in the ground as long as possible. And, yes, we let the plow rust. Why? To leave the soil intact, along with the trillions of little organisms working together to nourish our plants and animals. 


The result? Great tasting, healthy foods, straight to you and your family. 

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